Why Banker Valuation?

Thank you FLAGGL!

Last November we attended our first FLAGGL (Florida Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders) Conference in Orlando, Florida. We were a Gold Sponsor and the conference was a huge success for Banker Valuation. In addition to meeting prospective clients, we were able to meet face to face with many clients who have been using our business valuation tool for years.  It was wonderful opportunity to engage with our existing subscribers and learn how they benefit from using our business valuation tool.

The “Why Banker Valuation?” list is an internal Top 10 List we keep on hand summarize who is using our tool and more importantly why? We’ve decided to share the list on the Banker Valuation blog for the Lenders (SBA and Conventional/Bank and Non-Bank), Wealth Managers, Loan Packagers and other Lending Service Providers who land on this page and want to discover the answer to the question…Why Banker Valuation?

Why Banker Valuation?

  1. Obtain an accurate & reliable business valuation in less than 15 minutes.
  2. Confirm the purchase price is reasonable at the beginning of the loan process, before hiring a third-party firm.
  3. A value assessment tool used to pre-screen business acquisition deals up to $5 million.
  4. The valuation report meets the SBA’s  requirement for loans $250,000 and under.
  5. The only business valuation model that uses over 10,000 SBA transactions to support a purchase price.
  6. 4 of the Top 10 SBA Lenders use it as a trusted source for business appraisals.
  7. 3 of the country’s largest Loan Packagers use it to assist their lending clients.
  8. Wealth Managers use it to help manage the portfolios of clients who own businesses.
  9. Web-based, no software to download.
  10. Cost effective, unlimited valuations and comp searches for one small annual fee.

Furthermore, we believe it’s important to point out that our business valuation tool utilizes all three valuation methods (the income, asset, and market approaches) creating a valuation with an accuracy unmatched by any other web-based valuation technology. Finally, Banker Valuation was created by Steve A. Mize, ASA, one of the leading business valuation professionals in the country.

Give it a Try!

In conclusion, we work hard to provide the lending community with the most accurate and dependable business valuation tool available. If you’d like to give Banker Valuation a try we offer a free trial on www.bankervaluation.com or feel free to call us directly 727-803-0204 and we will be happy to set up a trial for you.